Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: “I’ve just given birth, when can I join your classes?”

A: You must pass your 6 week check up before joining the classes. If you had a Caesarian section you may have to wait up to 12 weeks to be given the all clear to exercise again. If you have any doubt, please check with your doctor before booking any classes.

Q: “My baby doesn’t like sitting in the buggy for too long and will want to come out. Is that a problem?”

A: Not at all. During Buggy Bootcamp you are welcome to get babies out of buggies at ANY point. Whether they need feeding, soothing or changing. I also sometimes give the option to get the babies out for certain exercises. If your baby is now a ‘crawler’ and doesn’t like to be contained, then you are welcome to bring a play mat and toys for them. Please remember that the babies are your responsibility and you must keep an eye on them throughout the session.

Q: “My little one is no longer a baby, can I bring my toddler?”

A: Absolutely! There are plenty of toddlers who attend the class. They love to have a little run around with us and often make a little friend. There is no age limit for children. Even if you have older children, they are welcome to join us too. Again, remember they are your responsibility and you must keep an eye on them throughout the session.

Q: “I haven’t exercised since before I fell pregnant and am worried about being the most unfit person in the class. Will I look silly and feel embarrassed?”

A: Not in the slightest. My classes are designed to be suitable for ALL fitness abilities. I make all new Mums feel very welcome and give plenty of options throughout the session. I provide a thorough health and fitness screening prior to each session. Remember – in Buggy Bootcamp we are all in the same boat… our pelvic floors aren’t what they were, our boobs HURT, sometimes we have had NO sleep, and we might even possibly have a little bit of puke on our shoulder! You are in a class of women who feel exactly like you do! So you should never feel embarrassed. You will most probably make some great friends at the classes and you will have shortly forgotten all your pre class worries!!